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why is a robot like this necessary?-Почему это робот, как это необходимо?
Where could it be used?-Где это может быть использовано?
when should it be used?-когда следует его использовать?
who would benefit from using it?-кто получит выгоду от его использования?
what should it look like?-какой она должна выглядеть?
how will it work?-как она будет работать?


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This kind of robots can be useful in our housework, offices, etc.

They can be also used at some factories.

I guess they should be used in future , because nowadays humans are very lazy, though government should allow robots now

There are a lot of benefits from using robot , as i already said it can helo us with housework , offices etc.

It should be miniature , smart, shiny, light, it can be transforming also

In my opinion it should work by sun rays , by energy of the majesty sun