4 клас, сторінка 62, Practice Book, розділ 15, вправа 4 - "Вибири одне з чьотирьох слів (sold, told, caught, rescued, got up, followed) і встав це слово у свої реченя."Допоможіть!Є фото!На сегодня надо!Что сможете, то і сделайте.


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1.The house burned down but the firemen rescued everyone from the fire.
2.When I was little my grandmother told me different story every night.
3.Jill jumped up high and caught the basketball.
4.Ned wanted to go fishing early in the morning and he got up at six o'clock.
5.Uncle John is very happy because he sold a lot of fish in the shop today.
6.The trief went into the market but the policemen followed him and watched him.