Здравствуйте напишите пожалуйста письмо на английском языке на тему экстремальный спорт (100-150слов)


Ответы и объяснения


Parkour appeared relatively recently, but already now it is considered one of the most popular forms of extreme sport. This can be explained by its availability, because to practice this type of't need to buy expensive equipment, Bicycle, etc. All that is needed for parkour, there is on the streets of cities in large numbers. From man need only the desire and the desire to improve, to engage in active sports, not afraid to injure. The name of Parkour, Yes as he himself, came from Франции.Люди engaged in parkour, called трейсерами. It is, as a rule, young people with an active life position, who has something to prove. They take everything from life, what they need, without spending your forces in vain, don't get involved in drugs and alcohol wide web. They always know what they want. Classes parkour benefit them both in the physical plane, and in the formation of personality. These people are successful in everything, always achieve the goals, and therefore, are valued very highly.

In Russia parkour became popular quite recently. These changes were influenced by the release of the movie "the Proud Days", which have played the young tracers. After that people began to imitate them, remove their videos. Thus, step-by-step through a chain of about parkour learned a lot, and most of them also started to comprehend the philosophy of the streets. For today in the country there are many teams who professionally deal with the case, participate in competitions.