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Нужно создать маленький диалог на любую из представленных ниже тем (1 фотка,где разноцветные предложения) использую любые из выражений представленных внизу (2 фотка)


Ответы и объяснения


Getting a new haircut:

- Hello,today i'm thinking of doing a very short haircut

- Hi, i think that it's not a very good idea

- Why not?

- Because it will make your face look more circuly lar shape(на всякий случай напишу,окружная,круглая форма)

- Realy?Oh thankyou, but what haircut should i choose?

- If i were you,i would've made you not to short haircut,well if you don't mind,i just thought that you wanted a short haircut?

- No,no i don't mind,but how short is going to be?

- It will be to shoulders

- Okay then,lets start

- First of all i'm going to wash your hair with shampoo and then with a conditioner, so your hair will be soft,then i'll brush it,after what i will cut it

(1 hour later)

- Okay, your ready to see how it looks?

- Yes, i am, a bit worried

- Why?

- What if it doesn't fit me?

- No, you look great, okay, now you can look into the mirror

- Wow!

- Do you like it?

- Oh yes, thankyou.it is very nice and i look pretty

- Yes you do

- Bye,thankyou again very much

- Bye, come back later.