Задание:Write a short story about your favourite king pf sport.
The questions can help you.
1.What king of sport do you like?Why?
2.How many people can play in a team?

3. Which is your favourite team (sportsman)?

4.Do you go to the stadium to watch the match (the game) or do you watch it on TV?


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My favourite sport is basketball. I love play basketball. so enjoyable game. It is so interesting,by the way it is funny to play with friends. Maximum 12 people in 1 team. Unfortuanetly this is not my rules. My favourite sport team is Miami Heat. i love this team very much. And also about my favourite sportman. he is playing in Miami Heat- his name is Lebron James. he is so amazing,and he is good at basketball. Unfortuanetly i have never been at the Miami Heats stadium. But i have watched their match on tv. I love them