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срочно только хороший фильм


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My favorite movie is "Twilight." I watched all the parts! Very interesting and fun, this is a vampire story, as he loved the usual devushku.I ... Wedding, baby ... I recommend a look!
 Here the role of Bella Swan
Main article: Bella Swan
Shy girl of seventeen, moved from Arizona to Washington, in the rainy town of Forks, his father Charlie. The new school meets a young man named Edward Cullen. Later she learns that he's a vampire. In the novel "New Moon" to protect Bella from himself, Edward leaves her. Bella falls into a depression, out of which she helps her friend, werewolf Jacob Black. It is tied to Jacob, though not so hard to forget Edward. In "Eclipse," Edward, his family and the werewolves-Quileutes are fighting with the army of newborn vampires Victoria. In "Breaking Dawn," they have become husband and wife. Then they have a daughter, Renesmee, and Bella becomes a vampire and acquires the ability to put a mental shield that can penetrate only her daughter Renesmee.

Played by: Kristen Stewart (voiced by Natalia Fischuk).
[Edit] Edward Cullen
Main article: Edward Cullen
The first "baby" of the family Cullen. Old-fashioned, likes classical music, played the piano, composes sketches. In his mortal life, Edward was born in Chicago, June 20, 1901 in the family of a prosperous lawyer. Dreamed of military glory. In 1918, his parents died of Spanish flu, the very same Edward saved Dr. Carlisle Cullen, turning into a vampire. Edward finds his love only ninety years, being a student of the School of American small town of Forks, Washington, where he meets Bella Swan. He can read the thoughts of others, with the exception of Bella's, which has a shield that protects against mental effects. In Breaking Dawn, he married Bella. On the island of Esme they pass honeymoon, Bella becomes pregnant and soon after returning home they have a daughter, Renesmee.
Played by: Robert Pattinson (voiced by Alexander Gavrilin).
[Edit] Jacob Black
Main article: Jacob Black
Native American of the Quileute tribe, lives on a reservation in La Push, near Forks. Jacob first who pushed Bella to realize that Edward Cullen - a vampire by telling her Quileute legends about "Frozen" demons. But the legend of these at the time he did not trust. Jacob is Bella's best friend, while falling in love with her when Edward left her. Over the course of events in the book "New Moon" with him there is a transformation, giving him the opportunity to go to a large red-brown werewolf with the longest hair in the pack (because it the longest hair). In "Eclipse," he admits to Bella in love, and after learning that she married Edward, he is completely immersed in the essence of the wolf, trying to get away from the human experience. In "Breaking Dawn" Jacob imprints with a newborn Renesmee, the daughter of Edward and Bella. Becomes the leader of a particular group of werewolves.
Played by: Taylor Lautner.
[Edit] Bree Tanner
Bree Tanner (born Bree Tanner) - four vampire facing Victoria at the age of 15 years. The main character of the book "A short second life of Bree Tanner." Before requesting a vampire, she lived with her father, but then ran away from him, because he beat her and her mother (she ran away when Bree was a child.) After escaping, Bree began to starve. Riley met her, offering burger ("Do you want a burger, girl?"), And eventually took the girl to Victoria. That, though, and considered her too young, but still called her. After living for three months, she used to live in the company of a guy named Fred, from a glance at who starts to feel sick, in love with Bree Diego. They hide their relationship from the whole army, but Riley began to suspect something. Roman continued for two days, after which Diego disappeared, leaving Bree confused. Riley soon began to prepare the army for battle with the Cullens, Bella brought her blouse so that they were able to find her and the Cullens. Bree was not as bloody looks like all the other in the Army, and wanted to run away with Diego and Fred, suspecting them of cheating (the whole army thought that the sun is still deadly to vampires, except for some four days a year, on which subsequently lied Riley). Bree and Diego have found that their skin to the sun shines, they themselves call it "disco-ball effect." Retaining hope that Diego was still alive, she went to the army, but never met him, finding no trace of his body. She did not participate in the battle, but tried desperately to escape. Carlisle stopped her, promising to spare, if she did not resist. Finding of Bella Cullen, she was very thirsty, but still resist. She was killed by the Volturi, though some Cullens tried to intercede for her. In "Eclipse," she died in 10 pages.
Actress: Jodelle Ferland ("Eclipse").
[Edit] Vampires

Vampires in the series of novels "Twilight" are different from the traditional way, a fact that is often humorous play on the books. According to Meyer, before writing the book, she did not study the legends of vampires. [1] In her works, they are not afraid of garlic, crosses, silver, holy water, or other religious symbols, aspen stakes, may be in the sunshine, can eat human food, although not able to digest it, so later forced to arouse themselves vomit. [2] They do not need to breathe, but stopped breathing itself is unpleasant, because it conflicts with the reflexes of the body. They are reflected in the mirrors and appear in the photographs.