Нужно описать по заданию( во вложении) деветярых своих однаклассников)
Например, Васе нравятся танцы, потому что это успокаивает.
Однаклассников зовут Алёна, Яна, Юля, Василиса, Никита, Саша, Сантон
буду благодарен)
на англиском языке)

Вопросы у нас были такие:
Василиса ты много временем в интернете?
она отвечает
Нет, потому, что это отнимает много времени.
Антон, ты часто слушаешь музыку?
да, ведь это очень успокаивает
и так дальше) и нужно написать, что я спросил у него, а он ответил)
и так про каждого и желательно употреблять слова
enjoy и на подобие)


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Alex: Hi, everybody! How are you? Let's have a talk about how we spend our free time.

Anton: Well, what do you want to know?

Alex: Do you often listen to music?

Anton: Yes, of course.

Alex: What kind of music do you prefer and why?

Anton: I prefer rock and popular music but sometimes I listen classical music because it makes me calm down.

Alex: Well, thanks. What about you, Vasilisa? What makes you be calm?

Vasilisa: Well, most of all I like dancing because it makes me happy.

Alex: Really? But it is so difficult...

Vasilisa: Yes, but I enjoy dancing.

Alex: Excellent. Who is the next? You Nikita? Tell us a few words about your hobby.

Nikita: A few worlds? With a pleasure. As you know I do sports.

Alex: Well, we know. But what is your favourite kind of sports?

Nikita: Swimming of course.

Alex: Why? Tell me, please.

Nikita: Because it makes me healthy and strong.

Alex: Wonderful! Alena! Why are you keep silence? We would like to know about your hobby.

Alena: Well, my hobby isn't so interesting for somebody of you.

Alex: Oh, why do you think so?

Alena: Because it is reading.

Nikita: It is so borring.

Alena: I don't think so. Reading makes me be clever and educated.

Alex: Great! Sasha, do you enjoy reading?

Sasha: Oh, no. I have no time for reading. 

Alex: Why?

Sasha: Because of football, of course. I'm going to be a professional.

Alex: Yes, I know. You are a good football player. What about you Uliay and Jana? Tell us about your hobby, please.

The girls: We are fond of singing so we sing everywhere and everything. Have you ever listened to our sisnfing?

Alex: Yes, sure! Thank you very much!

Everybody: You're welcome.