Report these orders, using the verbs in brackets. 1. Dan to Sara: Phone me when you get to your sister`s house. (tell)_____________________________________ 2.The teacher to the class: Leave your homework on the front desk. (tell)____________________________________ 3. Mrs Green to her secretary: Don`t disturb me white I`m in the meeting. (tell)_________________________________ 4. Oliver`s mother to Oliver: Apologise to the little girl that you hit. (order)________________________________ 5. The museum attendant to the boys: Don`t smoke in the museum. (order)__________________________________ 6. Linda to Steve: Don`t be so silly. (tell)______________________________________


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1. Dan told Sara to phone him when she gets to her sister's house

2. The teacher told the class to leave their homework on the front desk

3. Mrs Green told her secretary not to disturb her while she's in the meeting

4. Oliver's mother ordered Oliver to apologise to the little girl that he hit

5. The museum attendant ordered the boys not to smoke in the museum

6. Linda told Steve not to be so silly