1) what people usually borrow

2) how teachers and parents encourage small children

3) what can be private

4) why your holiday often depends on hotel and bus (train) service

5) where you can usually see crowds pf people in summer and in other seasons

6) when people usually retire from work

7) what were the most important politicak events in our country last year

8) how people can show their wisdom

9)which characters of your faxourite books spent their childhood in poverty

10) what people usually do to open a door(НУЖНО ОТВЕТИТЬ НА ВОПРОСЫ)


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1) pens

2) by talking to them, playing interactive games

3) diary

4) so the room is comfortable, the bus is quick

5) the Red Square, shops

6) when they become old, not able to work

7) president elections

8) by writing books, helping other people

9) Tom Sawyer

10) turn the door knob, push, insert the key

1 money
3 life
5 in the buses, on the beach (in summer)
at the age people reach when they either stop working or doing part-time work.
8 through their knowledge and life experiences
10 the put the key in the lock and turn it around, the mechanism starts working and the door opens