Напишите небольшой текст на английском языке про осень или зиму.опешите это время года допустим осень мног красивых листьев пасмурная погода а зимой все дети катаются на горке на лыжах на коньках все веселяться и играют в снежки и лепят снеговика както вот так помогите пожалуйста


Ответы и объяснения


Winter is a beautiful time of year, all the children play in the snow, mold snowman and ride the rollercoaster. Trees like bundled up in the snow. People walk in warm hats and jackets. 

All in a hurry to train and subway, because it is very cold. But in my opinion winter is a beautiful time of the year. You ask why. It sometimes go out on the streets and become as good and fresh, 

not this terrible heat by which he wants to hide somewhere in a cold  place. And they do not tell you about the New Year. It is a time when all good spirits. And even happens that some dreams come true. And yet it is the most mysterious season, the most beautiful. I like winter