А Read two parts of the story "A time traveller" (Lessons 4, 5) and fill in the table with the verbs from the text. Write the Past Simple form of the verbs and their infinitive. Помогите! Надо записать в 2 столбика правильные глаголы и неправильные! A time traveller Part I Rosy: Tell me everything, Robin. Where is my brother? Robin: Well, it's a long story. In 1599,1 lived in Edinburgh and my father was one of the Scottish patriots. At that time, Scotland was independent from England, but there was no peace in our country. The English attacked us all the time. Our organization believed that the Stone of Destiny could help Scotland. We wanted to return the Stone of Destiny to Scotland. But it wasn't easy. The Stone was in London and the way to London was long and dangerous. The English knew about our organization, and were ready to catch and kill any of our members. Then we thought about time tunnels. Only the greatest wizards knew about them. These tunnels took people to the past or the future. We had a plan. Somebody had to use the time tunnel and get to the London of the future. They had to take the Stone from Westminster Abbey. Then the Stone could bring this person back. There was only one problem with our plan: we needed relatives in the London of the future, but we couldn't find anybody. Rosy: That's interesting. What for? Robin: When you travel in time, you take somebody's place there. This means that somebody takes your place in your own time. This person must be your age and must also be your relative. That was difficult. We read all our magic books and, finally, we found your family in the future. Everybody was happy about this and the organization chose my father for the mission. He tried to open the tunnel, but nothing happened. Then we understood the reason: James MacWizard was fifty and Father was thirty-six. There was no time to look for anybody else and then we thought about your brother Robin. He is my great- great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great grandson, and he is eleven too. So I went through the time tunnel and came here. Rosy: I want to believe you, but I can't. People don't travel in time! Robin: But I did it. Misha: You'll have to believe him. Think about your brother. He is all alone in 1599 and it wasn't the nicest period in Scottish history!


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В тексте повторяются глаголы, по-этому я не вписывала в столбик повторяющиеся глаголы. Думаю правильно, смотри.


1. Неправильніе глаголы: tell, was, knew, were, knew, took,  had, thought, get, take, bring, find, read, found, chose, understood, went, came, want, used, did, have, think.

2. Правильные: lived, attacked, believed, help, wanted, return, kill, needed, to travel, tried, to open, happend, look.