напишите по английский 4 загадки про професии о модели о фермере о ветеринаре и о докторе . напишите пожалуйста только по английский


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1) про профессию - This people are very clever and some of them canbe a teaches( доктор наук)

2) Ветеринар - This people help dogs, cats and ather animals.

3) Феремер - This people live in the village and all of them has got hources, and pigs


Why teaches kids

Read and write,

The nature of love

The elderly respect?



Who in the days of diseases
All the best
And treats us from all



The doctor, but not for children,
As for the birds and for the beasts.
He has a special gift,
This doctor is ...(Ответ:ветеренар_)

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