Rewrite the sentences in the passive.
1. They will deliver the furniture on Monday.
2. She invited 200 people to the party.
3. They built the house 300 years ago.
4. He is going to paint the fence next month.
5. You must mow the lawn.
6. He will publish his new book in March.
7. They have done all the tests.
8. Someone stole her purse while she was shopping.
9. He waters the plants every morning.
10. He hasn't corrected the tests yet.


Ответы и объяснения


1. The furniture will be delivered on Monday.

2. 200 people were invited by her to the party.

3. The house was built by them 300 years ago.

4. The fence is going to be painted by him next month.

5. The lawn must be mown by you.

6. His new book will be published by him in March.

7. All the tests have been done by them.

8. Her purse has been stolen while she was shopping.

9. The plants are watered by him every morning.

10. The tests haven't been corrected by him yet.