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Young people overseas are generally positive about the UK, especially its economical development and a high standart of living. 66 per cent of them believe that Britain's reputation in the arts is based more on the past than the present. The area of British culture where people had the most knowledge was pop music and film. 81 per cent of the people consider that Britain exports good services. Britain is recognized as a big industrial country. 76 per cent of the people consider that there is a high educational standart which the English are associated with. 58 per cent of the people believe that qualifications from the UK are respected by most employees. 28 per cent of the young people consider the British media to be more truthful than the media in other countries surveyed. Though 62 per cent of those asked agree that Britain has a big reputation for scientific and technological achievements, the UK was ranked well behind the United States, Japan and Germany. 65 per cent of people questioned agree that the UK is a good model of democratical government.

The survey showed that the young people's opinions had been enourmously influenced by the mass media.