Сочинение на английском на тему" последняя книга , которую я прочитал" ( книгу можно любимую) 6 класс


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Hello! My name is ........ My hobby is reading. I like a different book. Now I read a fairy tale "The Little Prince". It was written in 1943 by Antoine de Saint-Exupery (автор:Антуан де Сент-Экзюпери). This poetic tale - of the courage and wisdom of the child's soul, on such important "grown-up" concepts like life and death, love and responsibility, friendship and loyalty. 

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I recently read a book by Sergey Ivanov "He is not among us." The book is about life, about teenagers, the painful issues that in one way or another, affect not only adults but also children. Reading it, I saw a fine writer feels teenager at the time of his adolescence: uneven, unpredictable behavior, extremism, thirst for justice and harmony in the family. Heroes of the story - young 80's, but their problems and conflicts are close to us, their peers in today's sense of life and emotion.
I liked the book because it tells about my age, such as sixth-graders, and they - the most interesting people, and I want to note that at this age are different changes that occur other than the above relation.
Before school children have time to comprehend what friendship and betrayal, courage and cowardice. But even with this little experience, a person is not easy to establish itself in the school community. For example, I did not like it, as did the heroine of the story, to become the first girl in her class. The result - she was alone. A surprise event that occurred in the class, raised to the true height of the seemingly weak and indecisive boy. That's what growing up small.
Read this story got me thinking about the relationship classmates. I think the writers Ivan, one of the few that dared to speak frankly about the young reader. And he did it.