РЕбяяяяяят, помогите с эссе, срочно) на тему использование гаджетов тинейджерами.. можете помочь как -то либо в скайпе, либо в вк, либо тут!!


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о телефонах


1)It could get stolen.

Although you would hope this wouldn't happen, it is possible that your child's mobile phone could be stolen while they are at school. This would be very costly to you and a huge disappointment to your child. Placing their phone in a school locker during lessons could reduce this possibility but many children like to carry their phone around just in case they need it.

2)It could distract them
Mobile phones have come a long way from the screenless bricks they were twenty years ago and the latest smartphones can almost double as a computer. While this is great for those techno geeks among us, it does mean they offer far more of a distraction to kids than they used to. Nowadays, children cannot only text and make calls with their mobiles, they can also play games, surf the internet and listen to music. All these features could interfere with your child’s concentration and ability to learn if they play with them in class.




1)They can get in touch when necessary

The main benefit of having a phone is that your child can get in touch with you whenever they need to. This allows you to feel they are safe and gives them assurance knowing they can call home if they have a problem.

2)They can easily be discreet

Mobile phones can be very discreet if turned off or on to silent. As long as your child remembers to do this their phone won't cause a distraction in class, but they will stay have a way to contact you if they need to. Giving them a standard rather than a smartphone will also reduce the risk of distraction.