Помогите с сочинением про весенние каникулы! на английском языке и в прошедшем времени


Ответы и объяснения


Spring holidays - the time of the sun and the cheerful mood. Nature begins to slowly coming back to life and in the air starts to smell spring. What could be finer spring fresh air in the quiet woods?

In one wonderful Sunny day, I went out for a walk and decided to go into the depths of the forest, where he would get together with friends for a picnic. I went along a narrow path forward, then turned right around a large oak tree, the bark it was thick, and branches reached up to the sky, and only a little breeze stirred the thin twigs of the tree-tops. And here it is, strawberry fields! Even at other times of the year this clearing is beautiful! Sitting on a small stump I began to remember, that same day, the day of the picnic. I remembered the whole picture before a single moment, in spite of the fact that it was a long time ago. I remembered how, not having come, we immediately lay down on the soft grass, tender from the morning dew. The sun was even stronger, and there, lying on the cool earth, I could feel the warm sun on her body, the joy, the boundless joy! And that's sitting on a stump, I again felt the warm sun, cloying smell of strawberries, beautiful butterflies and a bit of cool breeze.

Many there are moments in life that's full of joy, I think that is a day I will remember forever!