Решите пожалуйста задания по английскому языку 40 и 42 на фото.

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1. Jemma was staring out of the window.

2. That small patch of land belongs to him and is his property.

3. Never point your finger at people. It's impolite.

4. Does your dog bark at people in the street?

5. The rain was beating against the window.

6. - I think it's Peter who has broken the computer. - Oh, no. I'm sure you are barking at the wrong tree.

7. Sometimes animal keepers beat them with sticks.

8. If I were you I wouldn't stare at people even if they look strange.


42. I want to tell you how my dog Milly came to live with us. My mother is a school teacher and she was taking her class to the park. Suddenly one of the boys pointed at the grass at the side of the road and said he had just seen something moving. Mother came closer and saw a small white-and-black dog. She stared at mother with her big black eyes and then barked "bow-wow" trying to threaten mother and the childnren standing around. But for mum it was love at first sight. She took Milly home. She was thin when we got her, but now she loves to eat so much, we sometimes call her Piggy. We never beat Milly (I despise people who beat animals!) and try to be kind to her. She pays us back with her devotion