мне нужно подготовить радиопередачу на английском языке о своём однокласснике.о его семье и домашних животных.


Ответы и объяснения


Hello, dear listeners!Today, I ________ will tell you about his friend. His name is _______, he __ years. I am friends with him since childhood. Together we went to the kindergarten and school lives in a family of __человек. This is my mom, dad, he and his brother. He has a dog. Her name is Laika. She Labrador. She is 3 years. Unfortunately the time of our broadcast ends, and I _____ say goodbye to you! Before the next week)

Ну как-то так)писала сама, т. к. здавала Кэмбриджский экзамен, и там было такое задание.)