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Past Simple

1. I visited my grandparents last summer.

2. My mother cooked a chicken yesterday evening.

3. I went to Kiev last month.

4. I spent a lot of money last week.

5. My brother watched Tv yesterday afternoon.


Pat Continious

1. My father was reading a newspaper the  whole evening yesterday.

2. I was helping my mother about the house all day long yesterday.

3. They were playing football from 5 till 7 on Friday last week.

4. My mother was cleaning the house all day long.

5. My brother was playing with his friends from 3 till 6 yesterday.


                                past simple 

Last month most birds went away to warmer countries every autmn

My family went to the seaside last summer

She didn't put her hat on 

When did you bed the parrot?

 School starts at 8 o'clock

                               past continuous 

Was he learning grammar at that time

The baby was sleeping in the afternoon

They were not playing, they were doing their homework

Tey were not watching tv at 6 o'clock

Have you got any brother or sister?