Задали напечатать текст с Картинки помогите картинка во вложених Задания легкое На английском


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London is the capital of Great Britain. It is political, economic and cultural centre. It is one of the largest cities in the world. Its population is more than 8 million people.

  London is sittuated on the river Thames. It was founded more than two thousand years ago.

  Lonkon is divided into several parts the City, The West End, the East End and Westminster. 

 Lonon is always full of life. The streets are crowded with traffic. There are many places of interest in London. Trafalgar Square is one of them and it is in the centre of the West End.

   The City is the oldest part of London. There are many offices, companics there.

  Today London is a great political centre, a great commercial centre, a paradise for theathre-goers nad tourists, but it is also a very quiet place with its parks and its ancient buildings, museums and libraries.


Картинка маленькая, но напечатал как видел. = )