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History knows no more large-scale, violent, destructive and bloody confrontation than the struggle of our people against the fascist aggressors. In the war of 1941-1945. the fate not only of our country but also in many other peoples and countries - essentially all of humanity. Therefore eternal and holy deed of our compatriots, who defeated fascism and won a great victory.Violating the non-aggression pact, Nazi Germany at dawn on 22 June 1941. invaded the Soviet Union. Events at the front developed rapidly. Creating on the main axis overwhelming forces, the enemy suddenly attacked unreduced the embattled Soviet troops broke through their defenses. Thus invaders have met unexpected resistance. With only small arms, to death were guards. Legendary garrison of the Brest Fortress month hold back the enemy, three times from hand to hand Przemysl. Sometimes the Red Army did not have grenades, but they have been through. Forever remain in the memory of the human feats of those who reflected the first attack of the enemy, defending their land to the death, who was killed, had his own blood to write on the wall of the Brest Fortress, "I'm dying, but do not give up! Farewell, Motherland. " However, despite the heroism of our troops, the enemy continued to attack throughout the Soviet-German front.Fierce battles took place on the outskirts of Leningrad. Soviet troops tried to hold back the onslaught of a powerful enemy, stubbornly defending every position. Being in the ambush, heavy tank lieutenant 3. Kolobanova destroyed German tank column. Skill and courage of the driver acting N. Nikiforov, N. Rodnikov, gun commander Usov, a radio operator-gunner P. Kiselnikov could knock out 22 enemy tanks. Covering the retreat of comrades, a Marine sergeant V. Veresov blew himself up and surrounded the Germans last grenade. Heavy losses, only 8 September, German Army Group "North" managed to get to the southern outskirts of the city, and the Finnish army besieged Leningrad from the north. The heroic, full of tragedy Leningrad blockade.