Сочинение-рассиждение на тему: хорошо или плохо держать дома диких животных


Ответы и объяснения


Many consider, that if wild animal since the childhood to bring up among people, not to feed with crude meat, etc., he will grow quite house.
On the other hand, there are many cases when the most plush and manual lions, bears and so on rushed on the owners, or on their children, and it came to an end very badly.
Personally my opinion - an animal as the person everyone with the character, is normal, and is malicious, and the mood happens everyone. Besides, native elements of an animal - the nature. Therefore it is necessary to try to find common language with animals on the nature, instead of to hold them in bondage.
Still, on reflexion: Though somebody, sometime has tamed a cat? Or, in another way: Is though one cat who never has scratched nobody, or has not bitten? However, on these scratches people of the big attention do not turn. The same blow by a paw from larger cat's will leave much more serious damages, and a sting and at all can end badly for the person.
Your relation to manual lions and crocodiles.