Нужно сочинение(ЭССЕ) на тему: If the world were ending, I would / would not .... (Еслибы наступил бы конец света я бы...)
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If so, what would you do?

I’ll start.

I’d leave work immediately and tell my wife to do the same, and go to pick up our young kids from school. Then I’d assume the worst about society breaking down and hope the city didn’t burn down before Friday morning. I’d call my parents and tell them I love them. I’d call my brother. Then it’s pretty simple, I’d get our family together and play games. Read books. Make cookies. Laugh. Hug. Then late tonight we’d all sleep together in the same bedroom. The only place I’d want to be when the world ends is with them.I just woke up a little while ago and when I went outside I noticed my car was gone. So I went back inside and when I looked in my sons room he was gone but he left a note that said he left early so he would have more time to escape from the apocalypse tomorrow. We, as a family, were supposed to leave tonight at 5 pm and head for safety in the car. But since my son took the car my wife and daughter and I won't be able to drive there now. My son just betrayed all of us by doing this. My wife is in her room crying about it because she's afraid of dying tomorrow.
I don't know what to do now. Do you think we can still escape to a safer location by foot? I don't know how far we can get by 11:12 am (the time the world is supposed to end) tomorrow. What can we do now? What are your plans for escaping before the end tomorrow? Maybe you can give me another plan.