СРОЧНО!!!!!написать небольшой рассказ о диком животном на английском


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Fox found almost everywhere. The most famous sight - the red fox. Red fox got its name from the color red, which casts its skin, but the shade of red depends on the animal's habitat. For example, the foxes of the sout.hern steppe regions of the lighter and darker northern fox. Foxes fur coloration helps to hide and camouflage for hunting and personal safety


Males of a giraffe reach heights to 5,5-6,1 m (about 1/3 lengths the neck makes) and weigh to 900-1200 kg., As a rule, it is little bit less than female and easier. A neck at giraffes extraordinary long, and it in spite of the fact that at them, as well as at almost all other mammals, only seven cervical vertebras. High growth increases loading by blood circulation system, especially concerning brain supply. Therefore heart at giraffes especially strong. It misses 60 l of blood a minute, 12 kg weigh and creates pressure, which three times above, than at the person. Nevertheless, it could not take out an overload at sharp lowering and a raising of a head of a giraffe. That such movements have not caused death of an animal, blood of a giraffe more dense and has twice higher density of blood little bodies, than at the person. Besides it, the giraffe has special locking valves in the big cervical vein, interrupting a blood stream in such a manner that pressure in the main artery supplying a brain remains. Dark language of a giraffe very long and brawny: the giraffe can put out it on 45 sm and the branch is capable to suffice them.