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Fifteen regions of the country in the near future will be "self-financing", "ambulance"

In addition to paid emergency assistance provided to wealthy patients private clinics and medical centers, from 1 February in Moscow to appear and "state" emergency aid, working on "self-financing" basis. However, why in this case it will be considered on a habit of 'state' is not quite clear: because the idea of the experiment, named so now fashionable word "outsourcing", is to transfer the ambulances from hospitals to private companies. What kind of "state" ambulance, which we used to?

As told to "Izvestia" a source in the government, the Ministry of Health, Ministry of Regional Development, Health Insurance Fund approved an experiment conducted last year in Perm, Kirov region and Bashkortostan. Now the government is going to extend it to Moscow, Astrakhan, Belgorod, Voronezh, Ulyanovsk, Ivanovo, Kemerovo, Moscow, Tomsk, Tambov, Nizhny Novgorod region, Karelia, Mordovia and Chuvashia.

Was the idea that experience and instill in Volgograd, but there it is turned in confusion and scandal. In the administration of the city, Rosbalt already decided to use for emergency private cars, and was even awarded a contract with the contractor - LLC "Novoskor - Volgograd" (in fact it is not no Volgograd office, and a private firm Permian entrepreneur from medicine Eugene Friedman, who are already implementing this experience in the Kama). Municipal contract for the provision of transportation services for emergency medical assistance to the population of Volgograd was signed on 28 December, but the idea failed on the first day of January. First, it became clear that the contractor is not required number of machines, and it turned out that the driver of CBM "Spetsavtohozyaystvo" not satisfied with the working conditions in a private company and they refuse to go there. So million metropolitan area in the first days of 2013 was almost no ambulance. And helping residents of the city, as always, the usual municipal ambulance service, which, despite the failure to sign a contract with her, and has continued to go to the challenges.

On behalf of the local authorities Volgograd station ambulance - formal customer - then put Mr. Friedman claims. And what said the businessman? "According to Friedman turns out that he is guilty, but is willing to bear the costs - said a member of the Public Council under the Governor of Volgograd Region Nikolai Lukyanenko. - With this approach, I personally come across the first time. We're talking about the "emergency room"! What are the fines and paid the forfeit to measure the absence of vehicles in big city for a month? "