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"What Democracy Means To Me"

Democracy means government by the people. The Greeks were the first to use it and it is one of the most affective government systems today. My impression is that the Greeks were happy with this system and it worked. It then spread around the world like pancake mix to a hot pan. A lot of different cultures now have this government system. It makes people able to have a say in what was going on with their government and be part of the decision-making. 

The first reasons of what democracy means to me is the right to vote and the involvement you can have with democracy. To me, just being able to vote is really important. This is something I think all governments should have in place. But unfortunately some do not. Why would you want to live somewhere in which someone chooses everything for you? Your leaders, your laws, and your rights are chosen for you. Most would say no to this question. This is why democracy is so affective and important to me. To me, being able to vote and help make decisions for the progression of our government should be a basic right, not just something that was chosen. You do not know how much it means to me that I have a say in our country's different issues. Even though I am not of age to vote or to actually have that much of an impact right now, it is still important right now for me to be able to have a say in our local town issues, my church issues, and student council here at school. People shouldn't just sit around and have things decided for them, people need to be involved. 

If democracy had not worked for the Greeks then it would have not been around today. So obviously, since this government system has stood the test of time for thousands of years, it must work. The country today most widely known for a democracy is the United States of America. Some parts of democracy have faced our country with hard times and also the economic slump we are in right now. Because of democracy also, we are a liked and hated county. We are a liked country because people are free to vote, have say in things, start their own businesses, and almost decide everything that happens in their life.