помогите сделать задания, я плохо знаю английский. нужна ваша помощь!!!! задания 1,4,7

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1. plan, planned, planned

lay, laid, laid

pay, paid, paid

place, placed, placed

beat, beat, beat

become, became, become

bite, bit, bitten

blow, blew, blown

burn, burned (burnt), burned (burnt)

buy, bought, bought

choose, chose, chosen

hide, hid, hidden

draw, drew, drawn

try, tried, tried

feed, fed, fed

fly, flew, flown

forget, forgot, forgotten

sell, sold, sold

decide, decided, decided

stop, stopped, stopped

cry, cried, cried

play, played, played

forgive, forgave, forgiven

grow, grew, grown

hang, hung, hung

cost, cost, cost

hit, hit, hit

hold, held, held

keep, kept, kept

lead, led, led

lend, lent, lent

let, let, let

mean, meant, meant

retell, retold, retold

ride, rode, ridden

work, worked, worked

send, sent, sent

shake, shook, shaken

shine, shone, shined

slide, slid, slid

spell, spelt, spelt

spread, spread, spread

strike, struck, striken

think, thought, thought

throw, threw, thrown

help, helped, helped

bear, bore, born

drive, drove, driven

lie, lay, lain


I planned to go for a walk.

She laid the book on the table.

I paid ten dollars for this dress.

The rabbit was placed into the animal hospital.

John beat Jim yesterday.

You became quite arrogant.

This dog bit me yesterday.

The wind blew my letter away.

Matchstick burned brightly in the dark.

I bought my cat at this market.


I've chosen already the destination of my summer journey.

He had hidden himself very well today - we still can't find him.

He had drawn my portrait at this party.

I have tried to write down this exercise in the morning.

We've fed a whole bread to these pigeons already.

The birds have already flown away to the south.

I've completely forgotten to call you in the evening.

She has already sold all her flowers.

I've decided to never talk to him anymore.

The bus has stopped finally.


7 When I came to the South last year I hired a very small but comfortable room. There wasn't so much furniture in it: a bed, a small round table, a wardrobe and two chairs. The was-stand and the shower were in the garden. I usually got up at six o'clock in the morning, washed up, did the bed and in some twenty minutes I was on my way to the sea. It took me about ten minutes to go to the sea-shore. I did my morning exercises and bathed. Then I lay down on the sand and basked in the sun till 11 o'clock. At 11 sharp I took my basket and went to the nearest canteen to have breakfast. My breakfast wasn't very substanttial, for I can't eat much after I've lain in the sun for several hours. On the beach I often met some of my friends, who sometimes brought a transistor radio set with them. It is very pleasant to listen in while you are lying in the sun. After dinner, which I had rather late, I went for a stroll along the sea-cost or to the tennis court to have a few sets of tennis. When it was quite dark, I went to bathe for a second time together with my friends. I went to bed at 11 o'clock.


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