Put the verds in braskets into the past simple or the past continuous.

1) A: I was walking (walk) home yasterday when I ran into (run into) Jennifer.

B: Is she OK? I haven't seen her for such a long time.

2) A: What (happend) to your leg?

B: I (break) it while I (ski).

3) A: I (call) you yesterday morning but you (not/be) at home.

B: Yes. I (walk) my dog.

Select the mistake(A or B), then correct it.

While we A)were on holidays, we B)were spending most of ourntime sightseeing.

Costas A)listened to his iPod, so B)he didn't hear the doorbell ring.

(Быстрее пожалуйста!!!!)


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2) was happened

     broke; was skiing

3)  called; were not.

     was walking.


1)B- spent the most.....

2)A - was listening