Write about your last visit to the department stores. Tell me what you bought it, what the prices were, how much money you spent there. (6-7 sentences) Перевод Напишите о вашем последнем посещении универмагов. Напишите, что вы купили там, какие цены были, сколько денег вы потратили там. (6-7 предложений)


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It was evening....She called me to the festival..I was almost out of the house. That night my parents went on holiday хэлвин. Leaving home to me I saw something but I paid no attention to it....when he Reached the girl I saw her and said to myself this evening will be the best no one will be able to prevent.....We'd have gone on the alley of the city ,she was terribly afraid but I said don't be afraid I'm here, she playfully laughed...when he Reached the house, I saw that he was some kind of not good but what do I promised her to be with her next. My friends were there, too ,I do not want to what they would have seen me ..But they still saw ,and started to get on my nerves. In front of the girl I was not clever I ran out of there ,but all the same have decided to stand up for myself once I hit him...My girl looked at me and said a coward and run away....I gave up everything and went out for a walk...Since then I have probably never been a more terrible evening .. . ...