Complete the sentences with one word.

1 What music is this? It sounds ____ Beethoven.

2 I’m afraid you can’t come with us. There’s ____ room in the car.

3 ____ of my two sisters looks like me. They’re both dark and I’m blonde.

4 I’m ____ to getting up early. I’ve been doing it for years.

5 I can’t ____ used to working every day. I’d love to be a student again!

6 I was really angry when Jack accused me of ____ telling the truth.

7 I didn’t enjoy the concert even ____ it was my favourite band.

8 That’s my colleague ____ husband works for Bill Gates.

9 You shouldn’t ____ said that to her. You know how sensitive she is.

10 You look ____ if you have seen a ghost! What’s the matter?

11 I wish my parents ____ stop arguing about money all the time.

12 My eldest brother, ____ is a doctor, speaks German fluently.

13 She ____ have left already – her car is still outside the house.

14 ____ the terrible weather, we still had a great time camping.

15 We’re ____ the roof repaired on our house at the moment. We’d like to sell it next year.


Ответы и объяснения


1)like. 2)another. 3)2. 4)used.  5)be.  6)my.  7)-.   8)of.   9)-.  10)like.   11)will.   12)who.  13)-.  14)it is.  15)-.


1. like

2. no

3. none

4. used

5. get

6. not

7. when

8 whos

9 have

10 as

11 would

12 who

13 mustn't

14 in spite of

15 getting