ребятки, выручайте

небольшое сочинение на 8-10 предложений

начало такое

"If I went to Italy, I..."

писать все что угодно

чтобы я делала, что бы купила, что бы ела,...


Ответы и объяснения

I would go to Italy for the sake of culture
this country. After all in its territory
set of the well-known monuments
architecture, air, seems to me,
it is impregnated with wisdom of
centuries. Still
Italians very strongly love cats,
cats at them everywhere, as well as in
Italians specially would lure them I with
pleasure there visited. Surely I tasted
their well-known pizza and macaroni. In
Spain I don't want at all, me
strongly cruel bullfight irritates them,
where at the end surely kill a bull. And
here if for the life never
I will visit Italy, will die offensively