Помогите пожалуйста!

Написать email другу о том что ему надо заняться волонтёрской работой во время каникул. И рассказать какой волонтёрской работой занимался я. (60-80 слов) желателно лексикой 9 класса .

Заранее большое спасибо!


Ответы и объяснения

Hello, my dear friend. How are you and how is your family? I'm fine. What will you do on the holiday? Maybe you want to work with me? It is a very useful, good work. Do you want to be a volunteer? We would help to people. How wonderful, isn't it? This work only for kind and good people like we. Do you agree with me? So I'm waiting for the answer. I hope, that you will work with me. It will be great holidays:)