yнапишите пожалуйста несколько предложений о каком нибудь фильме


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Мужчина по имени Пи общается с писателем Янном Мортеллом, которому рассказывает свою невероятную историю. Когда ему было 15 лет, отец, будучи директором зоопарка, объявил, что семье придётся уехать из Индии, забрав с собой половину животных, и продать их в Канаде, чтобы начать новую жизнь.

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"Avatar" - my favourite film

People like different films: westerns, comedies, thrillers, actions, romantic stories. As for me, my favourite film is Avatar. The story impressed me very much. It is a fantastic film about another world. It isn’t like any other film I’ve ever seen.

A world-known James Cameron directed this amazing tale. He has been working on it for ten years. The main actor’s name is Sam Worthington. He plays the role of a marine soldier Jake Sully. Jake takes part in an experiment and turns into a native being. The action happens on the Planet Pandora. It’s a beautiful exciting place with wonderful nature and unusual native beings called the Navi. Jake wants to find the mines with exclusive minerals. He meets Neytiri (actress Zoe Saldana), one of Navi humanoids. In my opinion, the actors and the acting are brilliant. I recommend this film to everyone. It is a wonderful, unusual, actual story which helps to appreciate important things in our life because our real world is angry and cruel.