Cоставить предложения с каждым словосочетанием. Помогите пожалуйста!:(

ignore doubt

be patient

be honest

be courageous

be modest

be imaginative

be thoughtful

be understanding

accept that people lie

be strong

take risks

be positive

be uncomplaining

be determined

be polite

be modest

be tolerant

be respectful

be productive


Ответы и объяснения


Sometimes people ignores each other.

Many people can be in doubt before they begin to work.

The doctor must be patient in the hard working.

Not every people can be counrageous in the face of danger.

The modest is sinonyme of shy.

Not so many people borns imaginative.

Myf friend was thoughtful yesterday.

To be understanding is the main abilitiy of psychologist.

When people lie and you see it, very hard to accept to them.

Sport makes man be strong.

Take risks - main part of every sipmle people.

With "be positive" devise you can go through all your life!

The best worker in company - uncomplaining worker.

Every matter teach people to be determined.

Education and upbringing teaches to be polite in all situations.