Choose the right word : bank(s) or shore(s). 1 Jim climbed out of the boat onto the ... of the river. 2 They have a beautiful house on the ...of Lake Geneva. 3 Parish is situated on the ... of the Seine. 4 What is there on the left ... of the river? 5 The lake was huge. We could see f boat about a mile from the ... 6 It was wonderful to see the ... of England again after so long at sea. 7 He followed the man along the river... 8 The town is on the high ... on either side of the river. 9 We could see the trees on the other ... of the lake. 10 Cristopher Columdus was one of the first Europeans to arrive on these...


Ответы и объяснения


1 bank

2 shore

3 bank

4 bank

5 shore

6 shore

7 banks

8 bank

9 shore

10 shores 

shore - берег моря,океана,озера, но не реки

bank - берег реки