Вы за или против содержания экзотических животных в качестве домашних животных? Объясните ваше мнение
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I'm against the content of the exotic animals as Pets, these animals are accustomed to freedom and may die at home.


Exotic pets.

Many people keep pets.Some families prefer "traditional" kinds of animals,among which cats,dogs,hamsters,parrots are the most typical.

Other people have exotic pets,which may be snakes,monkeys and so on.

The most popular pets in Russia are dogs and cats, but smaller animals such as rabbits,guinea pigs,white mice and somethimes cages birds are more popular among children.

I love all the animals!They are our friends and we enjoy spending time together.I thing people may keep exotic pets, but they must watching and walked for them.Exotic pets are very dangerous!