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My trip to Moscow.

  It is now 3 days since I returned from Moscow, Russia. I spent 7 days in Moscow. I went to Moscow by plane.

    At the first day my friend's mother met me in the airport and we went to the city by car. Then I met with my friend and we had a breakfast. At noon we went to the park. In the park we walked with her dog. Her dog's breed is west highland white terrier. Then we had had already dinner and went to bed.

    At the second day we went to the sport club. In the sport club we were swimming in the swimming pool the whole day.

    At the third day we wanted to go to the dacha. In this day there is a heavy snowfall. I, Sonya and her nurse Sveta went by car to the dacha. We went to the dacha 3 hours. When we got to the dacha we saw that we could not drove trough the snow and we went by car to home.

    At the 4 th day we went to the Sonya friend’s Sveta. They have a very big house. We had a good funny time the whole day.

   At the 5 th day we went to the Red Square. We walked the whole afternoon. Then we had dinner in McDonalds.

  At the 6 th day we went to the paleontological museum. It was very great. Then we went to the Sonya’s grandmother. Her name’s Helena. We spent the night at her grand mother’s house. At the 7 th day I packed my bags and went to the airport.

  It was the best spring holidays in this year!