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The country of my dream is Spain. It is a country of the brightest sun, the clearest waters of the Sea and the Atlantic Ocean and the sparkling beaches. It is a country of very impressive history and culture. This country is a beautiful and attractive place. I  admire this country a lot. I would like to live in this amazing place. People say, there is not only one Spain, there are “lots of Spains”, because every part of this country is different from another parts. There is  a “dry Spain”  - these are the north and the north-west parts of the country and a “wet Spain” – these are the centre of Spain, the south and the south-east parts. Spain is the only place in the whole Europe where palm trees grow. There are hardly any cloudy or rainy days in this country. It’s the area of the eternal summer!

There you can see the Mediterranean Sea, historical landmarks and the ancient cities, such as Andalusia, Seville, Madrid and Barcelona. Spain is a paradise corner. It  hasn’t been spoiled yet by lots of hotels and tourists. In this country magical olive trees grow. Flamenco dances are also the part of Spanish culture. One more thing, which makes this country perfect for living, is their national beauty. Spaniards have dark hair, dark eyes, and delicate features.  They are not only beautiful, they are cheerful and friendly. I think these qualities make them so attractive. They like carnivals, traditional music and dances, evening walks through the main streets of their cities and villages.  For me Spain is a country of my Dream. How I wish to look at it one day! One day will have become the happiest person in the world, when I’ll visit the country of my Dream!