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In appearance the black-and-white panda resembles a bear. The color of these animals is very specific - white fur diluted black on the ears, legs, and shoulders, as well as around the eyes has the effect of "black points". Scientists believe that such a unique color due to the natural habitat, in which a "camouflage" to provide concealment and protection in the rocks, covered with patches of snow. Thick hair perfectly warm in the cool forests of animal habitat. Pandas have strong jaw muscles and have molars.
Pandas have short and thick hind legs. On the soles, as well as at the base of the fingers is smooth pads that are easy to hold bamboo stems. Usually an animal breaks off paws young bamboo shoots and methodically eats his favorite delicacy: the leaves, shoots and stems. The peculiar structure of the clutches of the pandas is the sixth finger, which acts as a large, and that they have quite a long tail for the bears, which can grow up to 12 cm by Chinese scientists found that the ancient pandas were not so large animals. Discovery of ancient panda skull, found them in southern China, has shown that pandas were previously in half smaller.