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The scientist is not a profession, the scientist is a calling. Many researchers are engaged many years in something concrete to receive a scientific degree and this attracting rank "scientist".

The first that it is necessary to make on a way to scientific community to become the scientist, it to be defined, in which area you will be able to reach the best results. There is no sense to achieve something in physics if you always pulled to mathematics, even in spite of the fact that you in the physicist - the genius. Choose that to you to liking!
If you always knew what you understand, begin deep studying of this subject. For this purpose you can enter the university or academy on faculty interesting you. Surely visit occupations and participate in various conferences.
You have to understand that there are fans, and there are scientists - those who knows slightly more. Don't pass interesting forums, seminars. It will help you to broaden horizons and, probably, to decide on a subject of the research works. After all you will need to protect not only the final qualification work, but also the thesis.
As to the scientist, you it is also necessary to make a contribution to science - for this purpose it is possible to publish the scientific articles, to speak at the international conferences, to cooperate with other scientists, professors, doctors.
Be improved as the personality, develop the abilities, constantly study something new, and it not necessarily has to be from your sphere of studying.

If you set to yourselves the purpose to become the scientist and to reach the most important heights, act.