помогите напишите сочинение 15 17 предложений с переводом

На тему как бы я сейчас в Париже и пишу подруге я побывала там то там то и тд

Была в дисней лэнде в Лувре в тд понравилось это то и тд

И в конце типо я пивезу тебе сувенир брулочек в форме эфилевой башинки ))


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Dear Sam (имя можно поменять)

How are you? How are your holidays?

I'm writing to you from Paris. My family and I stayed in very old and beautiful hotel. I have own room with comfortable bed and with big window. I like it!

The weather in the Paris great, sometimes the weather is too hot, but it is not a problem. Every day we go to the museums, parks and shops. I have been to Eiffel Tower and Disnayland. It was amazing! Yesterday, I ate snails at the expensive restaurant. They were really tasty, but my dad didn't like them.

Today we will go to Madeleine Church, so I should prepare. I will come back tomorrow. Miss you.

With love, Sonya.