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в первом ответе ошибка - правильно "she also said that she would call next week".


3. Alex and Jane told Clarence that they were going to watch Star Academy at Phil's place that day, and that they would be happy if she joined them.

4. Helen told Clarence that she had two tickets for their school band concert. She also said she would be waiting for Clare near the hall at 5:30.

5. Grandma told Clarence that she would be in London next week. She also said she was hoping that Clare would meet her at the station on Saturday at 5:30 pm.

6. David told Clarence that it was a pity for him to find that Clare was out again. He said that he was trying to talk to her many times, and that the day before he had been waiting for her in the Internet from 5 to 6 pm. He also asked her to call him.

7. Clarence answered David that the day before she had been waiting for him for half an hour in the school band room.

8. Clarence told Helen that she had got Helen's message. She said she was sorry but that she wouldn't go with Helen to the concert, because of her Grandmother's coming, who she was going to meet at the station.