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Exercise 4 and 5

Прошу помощи, хотя бы часть. Заранее огромное спасибо.


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3. Tom says that can't play football. he says that  he gets pains in his leg.

4. Tom said that he couldn't play football, he got pains in his leg.

5. Andy says that he has to go to the doctor. He says that he has hurt his back.

6. Andy said that he had to go to the doctor, he had hurt his back.

7. Susan says that she needs a rest. She says she will go on holiday in May.

8. Susan said that she needed a rest and that she would go on holiday in May.

9. Vivian wants to know  where the town hall is. She asks how she can get there.

10. Vivian wanted to know where the town hall was and how she could get there.

11. Paul wants to know when my birthday is. he askes how old i am.

12. Paul wanted to know when my birthday was and how old I was.

13. Carl wants to know if Meg is good at sport. He askes if she plays netball.

14. Carl wanted to know if Meg was good at sport and if she played netball.


2. Ann said that Tom worked in Toronto.

3. Ann said that Tony had ariived the previous  week.

4. Ann said that Mary was waiting for her.

5. Ann said that she had read a book the previous  night.

6. Ann said that they had been very tired the previous evening.

7. ann said that Celia had finished school the previous year.

8. Ann said that they would have a party the following Friday.

9. Ann said that they had been there before.