Привет) напишите пожалуйста сочинение (англ) на тему "мой любимый фильм-3 метра над уровнем неба" заранее спасибо:*


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My favourite film is "Three Meters Above the Sky". This is review about this picture.

Three Meters Above the Sky tells the love story of an impulsive guy and naive girl of the middle class. Their love is almost impossible, and the meeting was inevitable, and between them just as inevitably arise bright feeling. The action takes place in Spain. Acheh friends started to fight, after that Babi threw at him for his cocktail. He grabbed the girl in his arms and threw to the pool. Here's how it all began. From love to hate - one step. Back too. Babi began be drawn into his life style - riding in the back of a motorcycle at 100 miles per hour, involved in a fight with another girl ... So see all the flavors "hooligan" of life. Parents Babi it certainly are not approved, and went to her war.