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1.  Helen said they had to introduce an environmental project to their gymnasium. 2.  Inna asked her mum to buy her that book about the endangered bird Species. 3.   Peter suggested he thought they should put on warmer clothes instead of turning up the heat in their house. 4.   The government promised they would find measures to reduce nuclear waste from that plant. 5.   Maria suggested that people had to stop destroying the wildlife. 6.   Mark said they could recycle a lot of things. 7.   Jack asked Steve, not to leave the fire burning after the picnic.



Helen said they had to introduce an environmental project to their gymnasium.

Inna asked her mum to buy her that book about the endangered bird Species. 

Peter suggested he thought they should put on warmer clothes instead of turning up the heat in their house.

The government promised they would find measures to reduce nuclearwaste from that plant. Maria suggested that people had to stop destroying the wildlife.

Mark said they could recycle a lot of things.

Jack asked Steve, not to leave the fire burning after the picnic.