Помогите вставить просто слова в текст, не нужно менять их форму! Просто вставьте нужные, я вас очень прошу!

In Malaysia, parents don’t seem to have enough money to pay for their children’s education in the universities or college. (0) So, by working part-time, children can help their parents. (1)_____, by doing part-time jobs, students can earn their own money. (2)______, they can learn to be independent. This will help them when they grow up in the future.

InJapan, about 30% of teenagers wok part-time. Some of them have to work to make money for college. (3) _____, most students who have jobs want to spend money just for fun. They work to buy things (4)______ clothes, electronic products and groceries.

In my country, it is not so common for teenagers to work. Some teenagers, (5) _____, want to work to help their parents to pay for the education. Some take part-time jobs after school (6)______ they want to become economically independent from their parents. (7) _____, they want to earn money to buy some things they want.

Teenagers are independent of their parents. (8)_____, they will value what they have now.

What I want to say is (9)____ working part-time has some bad points for students, it is also gives them valuable experience for whatever they do later in life.

Teenagers can work (10) _______ they have time to prepare their homework well.

Слова, которые нужно вставить в пропуски:


as long as

as the same time

because besides


for example



on the other hand


such as

what’s more


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(1) at the same time     

2) what’s more

(3)on the other hand  

(4) such as 

(5)for example

(6) because

(7) besides 

(8)  but 

(9) Although 

 (10) as long as