Ребят, срочно нужно небольшое эссе на тему британцы и мы, на англ языке, выручайте))


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The first lesson we are often asked: "Is there a difference between American and British English? Which is better to learn? "

First, I would like to clarify that this is one and the same language, just in American English allocating especially spelling and pronunciation, grammar. Second, as such, the American version of the single, as well as the British did not exist. Each state - their voices. In the UK, as the so-called Queen's English (Received Pronounciation) said only 2% of the population, and to hear it, for example, before it was possible for the BBC. Now the leading radio specifically invite people from different regions of the country. Those who come to the UK for the first time are surprised many dialects. They say that it is better to stick to one version, how are elements of both in his speech. Of course, we know that there are Canadian and Australian English, which also have their own distinctive features, but today we will focus only on the British and American.