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Ashley: Hi,Pam! I missed you! How are you?

Pam: Hey,Ashley! The time is so slow,I missed you too!! I am fine. And what about you? Please,tell me about your trip to Britain!

Ashley:Oh,it was perfect! I was there  pop-eyed all the time, there was so much interesting things!

Pam:Please,tell me everything! I know,you saw modern and medieval buildings,the culture of the country.

Ashley:Oh,lets sit down on the bench,I have many interesting stories!

Pam: Ashley,please tell me me about climate in Britain!

Ashley:Well,I liked Britain climate. It is soft  and wet .There were many rainy days. Britain has warm and wet weather because of the Gulf Stream. But climate is rainy with strong winds and misty mornings. As I remember there was no snow in England but when I was in Scotland in Highlands everything was opposite-the weather in winter was cold and snowy.

Pam:So,you told that there are many rainy days and also you told that you liked this weather! Why?

Ashley:Because in summer rains in my opinion are warm!!! I liked to jump on pools when it rains. As I remember the weather was unpredictable. We didnt believe the weather forecast which was shown on TV. The weathermen always made many mistakes.

Pam: So you have to take your umbrellas with you because rain can start in any moment?

Ashley:Yes,you are right. Well,I need to go home,I will tell you tomorrow about Britain and its culture. See you!

Pam:Good bye!