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Crimea I really like, is nice and warm. In Crimea, a lot of sun, light, here the mighty mountains, the warm sea. I want to participate in the contest "Do good to others for good." Now I am learning to make their own movies, I like it. Through movies can convey a lot, and mood, and joy, and wishes. That's why I want to convey through your just created a movie, all people smile, kindness, good humor and joy. That's how I see the world in which I live, in which all of nature is alive and the mountains and the sea. Maybe someone will lift spirits, someone sees beauty as I pass these positive sentiments on other people. And will be transferred to the good mood, both relay and we are all doing good, passing it to each other and it will shine like a rainbow, like clean air.

My family and I were in the summer on the Black Sea. We swam, sunbathed and ate a lot of fruit. We also went on a tour of a swallow's nest. It is very beautiful. In Crimea, we hit 14 days, and then we went to the grandmother in Donetsk. This is a very beautiful city! There is a lot of parks and alleys! I also went fishing with Grandpa! We caught lots of fish and boiled fish soup. It was very tasty!